Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese Dumplings

Happy Chinese New Year!

My brother and his girlfriend, Lucy, live in Shanghai. They sent me this cool video for how to make Chinese Dumplings since a couple friends and I are having a dumpling party to celebrate the New Year.

Ironically, we all have some sort of food allergy in our families, so we are all bringing a different stuffing mix, and I'm also making the wrappers out of sorghum flour (instead of wheat). I had pretty good luck using sorghum with a little xanathan gum. The wrappers aren't as thin and translucent, and instead of rolling you really have to work the dough and press it into a circle with your hand. Only use a little filling, because without the gluten they're not as stretchy.

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kdmyste said...

I love the YouTube clip. It was so funny.