Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"The GenoType Diet" part 2

Thank-you so much for all the comments posted from other fellow GenoType Diet followers! They are very helpful for us newcomers. Well, the results we've been waiting for are husband is NOT a Hunter, he is a Teacher! We will see how this change goes this week. And I'm NOT an Explorer, I'm a Gatherer! We had some slight mis-calculations, though secretly I think I might be a little bit Explorer and a little bit Gatherer.

Anyhow, I needed to get my grocery list done and my first question was, "What was I going to buy so that we all can eat according to our types?" There was no way I'd be cooking three separate meals for four people. First, I went through the Teacher/Gatherer diets and made a list of what we had in common. Then, I had to account for the foods that everyone is "allergic" to (we still can't really introduce those yet).

Ironically, many of the foods that my husband is "allergic" to are on the toxins/limit/avoid list (like tomatoes, beef, chicken, cow's milk, butter, wheat, rye, celery). I thought one passage from the Teacher explanation was particularly interesting, especially for those that have food sensitivities..."When their diets are excessively meat-based, they gradually develop a buildup of bacteria in the digestive tract, which can act as a powerful block on their metabolism and immune system. The result is a range of stomach and intestinal problems, including gastritis, which causes extreme discomfort in the upper abdomen, nausea..." (page 144, The GenoType Diet by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo).

So I found out all the "superfoods" we had in common first, and centered my meal planning around that. Then I got a few more "superfoods" from each of the Teacher and Gatherer lists (like fruits and snacks). I'm assuming our kids will be some combination of Teacher & Gatherer...does anyone know about this?

I'm only going to use a few "recipes" this week; and just make everything either plain baked (fish) or steamed/stir fried (vegetables). No elaborate concoctions. It's too difficult to find a "recipe" for something with several ingredients that are "superfoods" on both lists.

I'll let you all know how everything works out this week. Thanks again for your comments/support.