Friday, January 11, 2008

New Pizza Crust Idea

It's been 6 months since I made pizza. For some strange reason, my kids will never eat it - even with tomatoes and cheese (which they can have). Anyway, my husband and I had a pizza craving...maybe because we'd been snowed in for so long. So we indulged.

I published a pizza post last July, so the recipe didn't change much. But the big revolution was in the crust. I tried GARBANZO BEAN FLOUR! It made a great crust combined with quinoa flour, and hopefully made the pizza even more nutritious. Toppings this round were: pesto, ham, black olives, green peppers, artichoke hearts, and onions.


kateboy said...

Hi! Congratulations for your great blog!
I was looking for pasta replacement (no wheat)when I found your blog and the pizza recipe immediatly attacted my eyes. Just wondering if you have the list of ingredients used to make that pizza crust?

ps:Will follow the response to this comment via email.

Angela said...

Hi Sofia, I can't find your e-mail address, so I'll leave a post. See my July '07 blog post for the list of ingredients:

I substituted garbanzo/chickpea flour and quinoa flour for the oat/brown rice - you could really use any combination!

Good luck, Angela

kateboy said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for the great advice, will try the pizza crust as soon as I can find the flour. :)


Swati said...

Hi Angela,
I happen to be looking for a pizza crust recipe for my 5 year old son who has mulitple food allergies. And one my friends directed me to your blog site. I live in MA as well.

What ratio of Garbanzo Flour and Quinoa flour do you use?
Where did you find Garbanzo flour?
Also, which soy cheese did you use which melts?


Angela said...

Hi Swati,
This was my original post:

I use 1 cup of any flour; for the garbanzo/quinoa I used 1/2 c. of each. For your son, these flours have quite a strong unique taste, so you might try something like brown rice/sorghum first. Garbanzo flour is found at a health food store, Whole Foods, or at some Indian stores. I've found Indian stores are great for lentil and sorghum flours. Quinoa flour is priced way too high now, but they have it at Whole Foods. Yesterday I made some tortillas in my tortilla maker (only cooked them for a minute...all you do is mix some flour, water, a dash of salt to a playdough like consistency, and I cook it on my tortilla maker), or you can use a rolling pin and cast iron pan)...then we put crushed tomatoes, cheese, and toppings on them and put them under the broiler a few minutes.

I can't remember the brand of soy cheese, but it comes in a block from Whole Foods and I shred it myself. It hasn't been melting the best lately, but it's the only one my husband can have...for some reason, some of the other soy cheeses have dairy in them. This one says "Vegan" on the front. I've also had good luck with the Tofuitti brand, but for some reason I think it contains an allergen for my husband so I haven't bought it lately. There are some good sites on melting soy cheese on the internet.

Good luck! Let me know how your pizza experiment turns out. Crazy, my kids aren't really into pizza that much, so I haven't been making it too much lately.

Anonymous said...

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