Monday, July 30, 2007

Allergy-Free Cooking and Baking

Since my husband discovered several food allergies/sensitivities nearly 2 years ago, I have been attempting to cook and bake without wheat, yeast, cheese, tomatoes, dairy, beef, chicken, turkey, refined sugar and eggs. A recent discovery is that our 2 1/2 year old also is sensitive to soy, cinnamon and nuts. Cybele Pascal's Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook has been our saving grace, but I have had to modify many of her recipes to fit with my family's requirements.

I learned to cook with my grandmother, who always made 3 balanced meals per day with at least "one green and one yellow vegetable." We baked pies, cookies, and desserts, though nearly all of our creations were made with butter, milk, eggs, and white flour and sugar.

My ultimate goal is to cook nutritious whole-foods recipes that my whole family can enjoy, while also preserving the sense of home that my grandmother created for me through cooking and baking those traditional home-cooked meals.

I needed a space to write down my successes and failures for myself, and also in the hope that others who are on restricted diets can gain some ideas from them!


sarahjbee003 said...

This is SOOO cool! I really dig your site!

Shawn said...

Hi Angie - it's Shawn! I love reading your blog...your recipes are amazing...I wish I was a cook after reading this!

Hope all is well with you. i'm going to pass on your site to Brian and Betsy..take care! xoxoxo