Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Minimally Processed Snacks - NO Crackers!

Who can make it through the day without snacks? Kids definitely can't, and I've gotten used to having a snack with them. A couple of snacks a day can be healthy, but forget all the pre-packaged over-processed commercial snacks. Here's a list of 25 (what I consider to be minimally processed) snacks that are delicious and easy. Not all "low fat, low calorie" snacks, but are nutritious and natural.

1. Grapefruit/Avocado Salad - cut out the sections of a grapefruit & mix with cut-up avocado
2. Popcorn - heat a little olive or safflower oil in a pan, add plain popcorn kernels & pop
3. Yogurt with blueberries, raspberries & honey (I use frozen berries if I don't have fresh)
4. Tortillas - with fruit only jam or nut/seed butters
5. Hard boiled eggs
6. Applesauce (plain, fruit-only or homemade) - can add honey & cinnamon
7. Fruit Salad - when you have a crowd, everyone can bring one piece of fruit & add to the salad
8. Grapes & Cheese
9. Apples with a nut/seed butter
10. Hummus (ground chickpeas - make your own or buy it) and carrots
11. Some sort of bean spread & vegetables
12. Homemade Salsa & corn tortillas
13. Roasted Chickpeas
14. Smoothies (homemade)
15. Smoothie Pops (homemade)

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