Friday, July 11, 2008

New Sauteed Vegetable Combinations

My husband and I have been loading up on our "superfoods" from the Genotype Diet. Between moving and having two preschool/toddlers around, our lives have been pretty stressful the last few years. I do think the Genotype Diet is helping to regain some balance/stability in our lives; even though sometimes I feel somewhat "superstitious." Psychologically, if I'm eating a "superfood" on my list, I automatically feel better!

We've come up with some new combinations on our "superfoods" list.

My husband's (Teacher) favorite is "Lentils & Leeks" and mine (Gatherer) is "Cannelloni Beans & Spinach."

"Lentils & Leeks"
(1) Simmer lentils for about 30 min. (follow the directions on the package, or buy canned)
(2) Slice leeks and wash well. Saute on med-high in ghee or olive oil for about 5 minutes. Add some oregano and sea salt, then add the lentils and cook until heated through.

"Cannelloni Beans & Spinach"
(1) Rinse beans in three cold-water baths, then soak overnight. I also rinse three times again after soaking, then put in the crockpot with water to cover + about 2 inches. I cook mine on setting #4 for about 4 hours, until desired tenderness.
(2) Saute chopped onions & garlic on med-high in olive oil or ghee for about 5 minutes. Add some spices; like sea salt & basil, and cook for a couple more minutes. Add chopped, washed, spinach and saute until wilted, then add cooked beans and heat through.

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