Monday, May 26, 2008

"The GenoType Diet"

Our pediatrician was reading "The GenoType Diet" by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo when we took our kids in for a check-up. She mentioned how fascinating the book was, which sparked our interest because we are always looking for some new experiment...will this diet help me feel better? Help me be more alert at my job? Give me more strength/stamina to run after two young kids all day? Cure my food allergies?!

While I can't say it has been the miracle cure we're always searching for, it has been an interesting book and has led to some fun experiments (including Roast Duck). We also had fun learning how to eat artichokes. I just steamed them and served them with melted butter (for my 3 1/2 year old) and pine nut sauce (pine nuts, olive oil, water, vitamin C powder) for my husband and I.

My husband and I enjoyed doing all the little "tests" to discover our genotype categories - measuring our torsos and legs, our index fingers and ring fingers, determining our head shapes and body types. I think I might be either an Explorer or maybe a Gatherer; my husband thinks he's a Hunter (though he doesn't know his blood-type yet).

The nice thing is that several of the recommended foods for all genotypes are "non-typical" foods in the "Standard American Diet." The extensive (and expensive!) list offers quite a few foods my husband is not allergic or sensitive to. For example: buffalo, goat, lamb, duck, and several different seafoods. Also included are several "whole-foods" sweeteners like agave syrup and molasses (Hunter) and rice syrup and honey (Explorer).

I did try cod and lamb, two things I never really liked before. I enjoyed trying something new and it was fun to try some new recipes (an Indian pilau for the lamb), but I can't say I've been radically won over on them. While I'm proud of myself for trying something new, I realized it is really very difficult to change. I think the important thing was that I tried something new, and I'll be willing to try different foods again...gradually. Changes take time and I can't expect myself to instantly fall in love with something I've never liked - simply because I read a new book about it.


Edna said...

FYI, I've been following Dr. D'Adamo's diets since 1999 (first his Blood Type Diet and now the new Genotype Diet) and I just can't say enough good things or use enough superlatives to convey just how profoundly wonderful these plans are for the health of the "user". Whether you chose the Blood Type Diet or the Genotype Diet, you are going to experience a diet that is customized to your individual "hard-wiring" and that minimizes your inherent weaknesses while maximizing your inherent strengths. I'm glad you've discovered this coolio way of life and, fyi, Dr. D. has a great support forum as well as tons of substantive information on his site at

btw, I'm a Type O+ non-secretor and a Gatherer. Unlike you and your husband, I did NOT enjoy all the measuring I had to do in order to determine my genotype, but it was worth it, as now I am loving my Gatherer diet, yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a Blood Type A Warrior. I too like Edna have been eating this way for 15 years.. or a bit more.
If you chose to fully eat this way I thing you will discover that your physical health and emotional health will improve.

I can not help but notice how slim your husand is. He has not been building any muscle tissue on his current diet. Well fed but not nourished by his food. Eating for his Genotype will be of great benefit to him. He will have to give up some things but will gain some new wonderful foods.

I do recommend he gets a blood type kit or donates blood so he can be typed correctly, it will make all the differene in the world.

If you are insure of your own Geno Type why not post your measurements for us on the Blood Type Diet forum at We would happily confirm your Geno type for you.

What a journey health is. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

OOPs I forgot to mention.. We need to know who your pediatrician is. He sounds awesome!
Reading the Geno type Book, Wow!

Diana said...

I've been following Dr. D'Adamo's work since 2003 and it's the only diet that agrees with me..and I've tried almost every diet out there! I am a blood type A.

It is a eating program for your health..As Dr. D'Adamo says.." The Genotype diet is NOT a diet book. A diet book is something you read to fit into a tux for your sister's wedding"

I am also a patient of Dr. D'Adamo's and I go to his clinic in Wilton, CT..He's an award winning diagnostician, and a kind, caring human being..

Anonymous said...

I've been following Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet for many many years and I'm slowing converting to the Gatherer diet. Not eating wheat, corn etc. has allowed me to remain healthy and active despite having ulcerative colitis. I also live in the greater Boston area and I'm really happy to hear that you've found a pediatrician that's open to Dr. D's work. As Edna said, we have a great support community on Join us!

Sarah said...

Great comments here!

I would definitely say you are a Gatherer :).

Sarah said...

Yes, this is your sister...hahah. I was presenting my master's project when you called yesterday. Going to Shawn's wedding this weekend. Will give a call...that stinker E will probably request to talk to Ravi 4 times again!